IDA Regional Battle For Supremacy DJ Championships (Margate KZN-Regional) @ Backline

  • Posted on: 29 July 2011
  • By: Kate

October 8 at 8:30pm - October 9 at 4:00am
Backline Margate
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Johan Wahl
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The Battle Starts here ! The search for S.A's top DJ has begun ! This is an open dj competition for both Cd and Turntable based freestyle Dj's. See Dj's battle it out for top spots to become South Africa's next top DJ. The overall winner will represent South Africa at the IDA WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL on December 3rd in Krakow Poland !


Please Note. These rules apply to turntablists only a...nd not Freestyle Dj's ! Freestyle Rules to follow shortly.

IDA / ITF / EWO Rules.

One battle is composed of two rounds of 2 sets at 3 minutes each. Once eliminated the finalists will have final show battle of 6 min.

You will be Judged on the following.
Musicality, Originality, Skills, Patterns, Style, Harmony of set, Creativity, Combos Structure of set, Set Accuracy, Excitement, Innovation, Scratches, Arrangement, Overall impression, Composition Juggles, Stage presence, Difficulty, Technical ability and Composure

Technical category semi-final
Eliminator Battle will be set at 3 minutes. Two battles – Head to Head. One 6 minutes set for all kinds of presentations

Technical Category

This Category was invented in 2006 by the EWO headquarter. It contains all forms of DJ arts like beat juggling, scratching, needle drumming etc. The skills, style and originality are the main facts to be judged. It is quite similar to the well known Advancement Class. Only 20% of judging is given by the audience. That means you should rock the crowd to pull them on “your” side. The smallest point difference can determine if you win or lose !

Technical category elimination round

One 6 minute set where the DJ must do sets including beatjuggling and scratching. Of course both techniques should be shown by the DJs.

The winner of witch will represent South Africa at the IDA World Final on the 3rd December in Krakow, Poland.

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